How Acidgone® is Made


Since supplements are not regulated by the FDA, anyone can sell them online. Many companies make claims that often seem too good to be true at prices that are designed to make people think, "If it's that expensive, it must work." We have chosen to take a different approach with Acidgone® and believe that the quality of a supplement is determined by two things: 

1. The quality of sourced ingredients

2. The quality of the laboratories and manufacturing facility where your supplements are produced and packaged

At Essential Life Supplements, we accept nothing less than the highest standards of quality in every aspect of the manufacturing and packaging process. Our ingredients are sourced without regard to cost and instead we focus on obtaining the highest quality raw ingredients from herb growers all over the world. 


All manufacturing, formulation, microbial testing, packaging, sterilization, and research is done at a single site so that every aspect of the manufacturing process can be strictly monitored. Throughout the course of a single production run we perform seven separate quality control tests at subsequent stages to ensure product quality and safety. Allow us to walk you through the process that our products go through as soon as raw materials reach our laboratory... 

Raw Materials Weigh-in and Quality Control

Quality control is integral in each aspect of the manufacturing process, starting with the quality of the raw materials. Each raw ingredient we select requires a COFA (Certificate of Analysis) and an actual sample on hand to help us clearly identify the appropriate ingredient. Before we release our product to staging for agglomeration and blending, the quality control department sends a sample to the microbial lab for further testing to ensure that each ingredient is sterile and free from harmful bacteria. When and if a product passes quality control, it is then released for measuring and blending.


Measuring, Agglomeration, and Blending

Once the raw materials are released, the batching department weighs, mixes, and labels the ingredients. Some ingredients go through a process called agglomeration that adjusts the ingredient particle sizes so that they can be blended in powder form. After materials have been weighed out, each powder is sifted through a mesh to ensure dispersion and size consistency. The ingredients are then blended into the correct formula. 

Analysis and Final Inspection

All in-process powder samples are then analyzed in the laboratory for a special microbial analysis. We have set stringent parameters that test the blended product across three areas of analysis: 

  • Physical analysis (flavor and consistency) 
  • Compositional analysis (pH and moisture) 
  • Microbiological analysis (yeast, mold, E. Coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus Aureus)

Once blended product has passed this stage of analysis and quality control inspection it is sent to a staging area for packaging. 


Before the final stage of packaging, every bottle is sterilized to ensure freedom from germs. Final blended product is then put into containers that are sealed by inside heat induction. This type of sealing process is designed to: 

  • Prevent product leakage 
  • Provide tamper evidence 
  • Improve product shelf life due to the excellent barrier properties of the airtight container seal 


Acidgone® is produced in accordance with the NSF Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) certification, which is a system of processes, procedures, and documentation to ensure product strength, quality, and composition. Our focus at every stage of the manufacturing process is on quality, sterility, and purity to ensure that our products exceed the highest possible standards.

It is just as important to be as careful in choosing a supplement as you are when you choose which foods to put into your body. You can trust that we have done everything possible to deliver you a safe and effective quality product.

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