Phone orders: We are available by phone Monday-Friday, 9AM to 5PM CST at (512) 909-7608

Product related questions: Please use the contact form below. We encourage you to review the information in our website thoroughly before submitting your questions. Our staff is not in a position to advise you concerning individual medical issues.

Is Acidgone® right for you? If you are unable to make your own decision whether or not to use our product, please consult credentialed healthcare practitioner familiar with integrated medicine concepts, such as nutritionists, naturopathic physicians, integrated medicine MDs, etc. because most “mainstream” MDs are not open-minded to alternative medicine due to lack of specific training.

“Copy-cats” products: Please beware of “copy-cats”. Acidgone® is one word bearing the trademark registration symbol ® that indicates official registration with United States Patent and Trademark Office. Any other products with similar names without the trademark registration symbol ® are copy-cats who are attempting to benefit from our name recognition, success and advertising without our approval.  Our product formulation is unique, so copy-cat products that contain different and/or much cheaper ingredients will not produce the same beneficial results.

Again, If you have questions about our products or your order, please use the contact form below.

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